Spring is upon us and that has many of us planning backyard barbecues and quality outdoor time with friends and family. A great deck is a must-have for outdoor summer living. Not only does it boost your home’s value, it certainly increases the outdoor enjoyment factor. If you’re considering a new deck for your space, we’re here to help. Our deck design team can work with you to create the perfect deck for your setting. Until then we want to arm you with some information to get you started.

Your first question might be “What material should I use for my new deck?”

You have many options available, and choosing the right decking material for your lifestyle can impact your long-term satisfaction with your new deck. But have no fear, we’re here to help you create the perfect deck you’ll love for years! Here’s a quick rundown of the materials we stock at Hingham Lumber along with their features, and a simple key to help you understand the cost for each.

Wood Decking Material –

  • 5/4×6 Pressure Treated ($) – Micro-Pro pressure treated wood is lighter in color compared to current copper-based treated wood products. It offers good corrosion resistance for code-approved fasteners and hardware.  Pressure treated wood includes improved painting and staining qualities.
  • 1×4 Square Edge Douglas Fir ($$) – This is a clear vertical grain fir commonly used on smaller decks or farmers porches. It can be stained or painted.
  • 1×4 Tongue and Groove Douglas Fir ($$) – This is a clear vertical grain commonly used on covered porches. It too can be stained or painted.
  • 1×4 Red Balau ($$$) – Red Balau decking is a very hard all clear tight grained hardwood. Its color is a deep rich red with a minor amount of fine ribbon stripes that add to its natural beauty. Red Balau is naturally decay and rot resistant and because it is kiln dried, it will easily accept stain and sealers. As a Kiln Dried Wood, it is 4 times as hard as Redwood and it’s clear grade creating less waste. It’s also extremely durable like a Cedar.
  • 5/4×6 Red Balau ($$$) – This Red Balau has the same features as the 1×4, in a different sized plank.

Synthetic Decking Material –

  • Capped Composite ($$ – $$$) – This decking is stain/fade/mildew resistant. It requires minimal maintenance and is backed by an excellent warranty (as stated).  It also has minimal movement as temperature changes occur.

There are a couple other synthetic decking materials you may hear people talk about that are not stocked at Hingham Lumber for the reasons explained in the descriptions below.

  • Composite decking ($) – This was the first generation of synthetic decking.  Because it does not have a plastic cap on it, it is very prone to staining and fading. In fact, you can count on it fading.
  • PVC decking ($$$) – There isn’t any wood or composite material in the board but it is not as strong as the composite or capped composite. PVC decking is also prone to fading.  Boards will move more (length wise) during temperature changes.  Installers have to be very careful and gauge the temperature when installing in order to gap the boards properly.


All of the synthetic stock decking at Hingham Lumber is “capped composite” technology decking.  We really feel it is the best choice of synthetic decking material on the market today. The composite core of the board gives it its strength, and the plastic cap is what helps the board resist staining/fading/mold/mildew. Capped composite decking is also easy to maintain. A medium bristle scrub brush and a household soap and garden hose is all you need to keep this decking looking it’s best.

Within the capped composite technology decking you do have options as well. At Hingham Lumber, we stock 3 manufacturers, each with a long track record of performance and durability.

  • Trex Select ($) – We stock Woodland Brown and Pebble Gray colors. Trex Select is capped on 3 sides and is mono-chromatic with a wood grain pattern.
  • Fiberon Horizon ($$)  We stock Greystone capped all 4 sides.  This is multi-chromatic with color striations/variations to create unique wood grain patterns.
  • Fiberon Symmetry ($$) We stock Warm Sienna and Burnt Umber. Fiberon Symmetry is capped on all four sides.  It’s multi-chromatic with color striation/variations to create unique wood grain patterns.
  • Timbertech Legacy ($$$) We stock Ashwood capped all four sides.  It’s multi-chromatic with color striations/variations to emulate wood grain.


All of our stock deck boards here at Hingham Lumber carry a 25-year stain & fade warranty to give you peace of mind, and ensure an excellent return on your decking investment.

We hope this information is helpful. Once you determine the material you’d like to use for your new deck you’ll need to decide on the design and measurements. Our deck design team has extensive deck designing experience and welcomes the opportunity to help you create your new deck. Simply contact Mike McNulty at 781-749-4200 ext 274 to schedule your deck design appointment or stop by from 7am-5pm Monday-Saturday. You can also learn more and request an appointment from our website. If you’d like further information we offer several helpful how-to and educational decking videos here.

Thanks for reading and cheers to a fabulous summer on your new deck!